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Vivek Agrawal & Alka Agrawal Sigtia Duo Won The Consumer Film Festival Script Writing Award

Vivek Agrawal & Alka Agrawal Sigtia duo won the Consumer Film Festival Script Writing Award challenging more than 700 scripts.

Nirantara is a story of a girl, who is being told by each and every one to keep her lips close even if she does not like the matter or in adverse conditions. Young Nirantra revolt against corruption one day and this becomes the mission. After her long fight for Mera Haq My Rights, Right to Voice, Right to know, Right to Act, Consumer Awareness, Consumer Rights, Fair Business Practices, she receives Padma Award from GOI.

This Dance Ballot form of script has few songs and Padmshree Dr. Soma Ghosh is going to sing all. Mr. Vivek Prakash composed the music. The script is being performed by Kathak Dancer Lalita Soni, her daughter and disciples at a highly prestigious event in the month of December in Mumbai.

Celebrating its 51st year of existence, CFBP has planned to organise a very prestigious unique event in the interest of Consumers by organising Consumer Film Festival comprising of Short Film Competition, Script Writing Contest, Short Story Writing Contest, Street Plays Competition, Poster Competition and Slogan Writing Contest on Consumer Awareness, Consumer Rights and Fair Business Practices in various categories among Professionals, Film makers, Companies, Corporates, Organisations, Students and Individuals, the young upcoming stars and NGO’s.

CFBP was established in 1966 by stalwarts of business & industry like Mr. J. R. D. Tata, Mr. Ramkrishna Bajaj, Mr. Arvind Mafatlal, Mr. F.T. Khorakiwala, Mr. Naval Tata, Mr. S.P. Godrej, Mr. J.N. Guzder and Keshab Mahindra and others who recognised the imperative need of business & industry to regulate itself.

CFBP undertakes a wide spectrum of initiatives to further its mission which includes conducting public seminars and painting competitions for the upcoming artists on key consumer issues.

It serves as a bridge between the manufacturers and consumers of promotion of good business relationship. Its membership includes businessmen, professionals & consumers.

CFBP invited all the corporate, individuals, professionals, NGOs, school and college students to participate in this great event and exercise their writing skills, acting skills and painting skills by expressing their thoughts towards Consumer topics.

Writer duo will be awarded with the Cash prize, a trophy and a certificate at the hands of eminent Chief Guest on the day of the Award function at 25th November 2017.


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